U.S. Team Wins Silver!

Figure 1 Foundation’s co founder, AJ Wilder, placed 2nd in nationals as part of the U.S. Advanced Aerobatic Team. Congrats to AJ and team!



Figure 1's own, AJ Wilder is featured in Sport Aerobatic magazine on the 2018 Aerobatic Contest Calendar. AJ will be participating in at least seven of these events, so keep a look out!


First Solo!

Check it out! A glimpse into our Private Pilot Scholarship Winner, Roy Becker's, first solo.


Thoughts from Heather - Our Two-Time Scholarship Winner!

Thoughts from Heather - Our Two-Time Scholarship Winner!

"I applied for Figure 1 Foundation’s Upset Recovery/Spin Training/Introduction to Aerobatics Scholarship in hopes it would help me overcome a fear – spinning an airplane. At the time, I had only ever been taught how to keep the airplane coordinated during a stall and had not experienced an actual spin. Sure, I memorized the recovery steps, but when Chris demonstrated a spin for the first time– I forgot everything I had read. I was so surprised at how low the nose dropped that I hadn’t even notice which way we were spinning. That first lesson was embarrassingly short, but it was only upright from there… kind of.

Over the next few flights, we focused primarily on coordination, unusual attitude and spin recovery. Chris was calm and consistent as he walked me through wingovers, rolls, and spins. I learned control inputs, safety zones, unloading and how to safely get out of any unusual flight attitude. As my “g tolerance” increased, so did my confidence. After a couple flights, we were practicing competition aerobatic maneuvers and I even earned my first International Aerobatic Club patch. By the end of training, I was doing inverted flat spins as if they were nothing!

In less than a week, I had overcome my fear of spinning an airplane. I now view a spin as something I could get myself out of but, more importantly, I am most confident in my ability to not get myself into one. I am extremely thankful that Figure 1 Foundation and Chris Olmsted gave me the opportunity for the training. The training has deepened my knowledge and provided me with the required piloting skills that will aid me in my future career."

Aviation Career Day

Aviation Career Day

A great turnout at this year's aviation career day! It's awesome to see so many young, passionate, aspiring aviators out there! 

success at oshkosh

The Fig 1 debut at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh was a huge success! We were thrilled to have the opportunity to share our vision and goals with thousands of passionate aviators and aspiring pilots. 

We are excited to share that many industry leaders have shown great interest in working with the foundation, and that based on the positive response, the interest in aviation scholarships is at an all-time high.

Go Fig 1!

Pilots in training!

Pilots in training!

We're at oshkosh!

We're at Oshkosh!
Stop by to meet Co-Founder, Chris Olmsted and the team! Hangar D, Aisle D, Booth 4003.

See you there!

Press Release

Press Release

Figure 1 Foundation Co-Founders AJ Wilder and Chris Olmsted Host Open House and Scholarship Ceremony for the Figure 1 Foundation.

Los Angeles, 6/9/2016 – The Figure 1 Foundation is a nonprofit aviation career building organization that leads by example with integrity, accountability and a strong work ethic. We inspire professional pilots by teaching a thorough education of aviation safety with a solid foundation of aircraft handling skills that are found lacking in today's industry. Figure 1 provides aviation scholarships for dedicated individuals who might not otherwise have the opportunity. The Foundation also provides the means for continuing education and pilot safety training courses giving the experience needed for college advancement and job placement.

Our Mission is to educate, enable, and inspire our community at the grass roots level of general aviation.


This past Sunday, June 5th, Co-Founders AJ Wilder and Chris Olmsted awarded the first aviation scholarships for the Spin/Unusual Attitude Training, an introduction to Aerobatics for already certified pilots. This scholarship is designed to build competent yet safe pilots in anticipation of a lifelong career in aviation. The event was held during Santa Paula airport’s monthly Open House, and drew in crowds from around the community. Scholarship winners, their families, and local aviation enthusiasts attended the event.

Co-Founder, Chris Olmsted, says "I can’t believe this day is here! We’ve worked diligently to get the Foundation to this point. There is no greater reward than to see the excitement from our winners and their families.”

In addition to the scholarship awards, Figure 1 Foundation was proud to display their newest trainer aircraft, the Clipped-Wing Cub, which was honored at the event. The Cub will be a key tool in pilot education for the Foundation over the next few years. Co-Founder, Chris Olmsted, spoke about the history of the Cub and it’s unique flying characteristics, followed by a demonstration. 

Co-Founder, AJ Wilder, shares “We’re honored to have the Cub selected as the featured exhibit! Adding the Cub to the Figure 1 Foundation has been long in the works, and we can’t wait to take it up with our scholarship winners”

Before the day came to a close, Mr. Wilder and Mr. Olmsted announced the next few rounds of applications – June will be the month of the Tail-Wheel Endorsement Scholarship, followed by the Private Pilot Certification in July.


Chase Standage, currently a junior at Moorpark High school, earned his private pilot’s license in February of this year. Chase aspires to be a naval aviator, a military test pilot, and eventually a NASA astronaut. With enrollment in multiple honors courses and a 4.2 GPA, Chase also serves in the naval Sea Cadet Corps program as a petty Officer Second-Class.

 Heather Kelly, an Oregon native, is a candidate for her Bachelors of Science in Professional Aviation from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. Her passion for the industry and dedicated approach to her studies has earned her a 4.0 GPA. After completing her studies, Heather’s ultimate goal is to live abroad and use hers skills to assist underdeveloped countries by flying in supplies and medical aid. She is looking forward to joining the Figure 1 family, and feels that having mentors such as Chris and AJ will help her establish footing in the professional aviation world.

 Jennifer Bauman is a Junior at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo California and is working towards her Bachelors of Science in Aerospace Engineering. In addition to pursuing her education, Jennifer is working towards earning her flight instructor certificate. Jenniffer spends much of her free time volunteering in the local aviation community, recently starting a flying club at her university that aims to make aviation more affordable for youth. Jennifer looks forward to passing along the skills learned from the Figure 1 team to her future students.

New Scholarships Announced!

New Scholarships Announced!

Round 2 is here!

Co-founders AJ Wilder and Christ Olmsted announced the next few rounds of applications - June will be the month of the Tail-Wheel Endorsement scholarship, followed by the private pilot certification in July.

The Tail Wheel Endorsement scholarship will open on June 15th (5 days!!!) and will be closed for application review on July 15th.

Head over to the 'APPLY' page to get your application in today! http://www.figure1foundation.com/apply/

No longer accepting applications...for now!

No longer accepting applications...for now!

We are no longer accepting applications for this first round of scholarships.

Our application committee will be reviewing submissions over the next week and will announce the winners soon after.

The next round of scholarships will open up mid-June.

Stand by and good luck,

The Figure1 Team

Wing Walking!

Co-Founder steps out of the pilot seat.

Scholarships: Currently Available!

Scholarships: Currently Available!

As the scholarship application process continues, we want to remind everyone of scholarships that we offer at this time:

Tail-wheel endorsement-

The Figure 1 Foundation strongly promotes becoming a tail-wheel pilot. The tail-wheel rating is not only a valuable skill but a great experience for college or job placement. The applicant must have a Private Pilot License or higher accreditation to apply. We will provide up to $1,750.00 in total funding.

Upset recovery/ Spin Training and Introduction to Aerobatics-

This program provides you with a FAA spin endorsement.  You will obtain the experience needed for correct and precise actions responding to in-flight emergencies and unusual attitude recovery.  You will also obtain the ability to perform an aerobatic sequence and achieve an IAC Smooth Award.  The applicant must have a Private Pilot License or higher accreditation to apply. We will provide up to $3,800 in total funding.

Aerobatic Judge Certification-

We will make you a Certified Aerobatic Judge. The certification program covers the cost of a weekend judges school, travel cost to and from the aerobatic contest that you earn your required judges assisting, and regional judges exam cost. No prior flight experience needed. We will provide up to $1,100.00 in total funding.

Aerobatic scholarship applications open Friday March 11th 2016!

Aerobatic scholarship applications open Friday March 11th 2016!

Aerobatic scholarship applications open Friday March 11th 2016! 

Skills acquired upon completion of this course: Enhanced stick and rudder coordination, stall/ spin entry, recovery and prevention, usual attitude recovery, correct and precise actions dealing with in-flight emergencies, aircraft control at all corners of the flight envelope, an FAA spin endorsement and the ability to perform an aerobatic sequence and achieve an IAC Smooth Award.

Must have a Private Pilots License or better to apply.