We are looking for passionate, career oriented individuals in the aviation industry. Applicants must show intent on giving back to the aviation community and furthering aviation safety.  


Fixed wing private pilot license at Santa Paula airport (KSZP)

Deadline: December 31st

Get your pilot's license in a tailwheel aircraft!  We will provide funding for aircraft rental and fuel up to 60 hours flight time. Scholarship awardee will be responsible for flight instructor hourly rate. All experience levels are welcome.  Applicants must be a US citizen and at least fifteen (15) years old to apply. All training to be held at KSZP Santa Paula, California.

Tail-wheel endorsement

Spring Deadline: March 31st Summer Deadline: June 30th, Fall Deadline: September 30th

The Figure 1 Foundation strongly promotes becoming a tail-wheel pilot. The skills acquired while flying tail-wheel aircraft will add to any pilots safety and also looks great on a resume. The applicant must have a Private Pilot License or higher accreditation to apply. We will provide up to $1,750.00 in total funding. 

Training held at KSZP Santa Paula, California.

International applications welcome.


Upset recovery/ Spin Training and Introduction to Aerobatics

Spring Deadline: March 31st Summer Deadline: June 30th

This program provides you with a FAA spin endorsement.  You will obtain the experience needed for correct and precise actions responding to in-flight emergencies and unusual attitude recovery.  You will also obtain the ability to perform an aerobatic sequence and achieve an IAC Smooth Award.  The applicant must have a Private Pilot License or higher accreditation to apply. We will provide up to $3,800 in total funding.

Training held at one of the following Figure 1 Foundation approved flight schools: Olmsted AviationPatty Wagstaff or CP Aviation.

International applications welcome.


Aerobatic Judge Certification

Deadline: December 31st

We will make you a Certified Aerobatic Judge. The certification program covers the cost of a weekend judges school and travel expenses to and from the aerobatic contest where you earn your required judges assisting, as well as regional judges exam cost. No prior flight experience needed. We will provide up to $1,100.00 in total funding.

International applications welcome.

Applicant Checklist

1. Complete Figure 1 Foundation Scholarship Application Form

2. Provide up to ( 3 ) letters of recommendation

3. Complete the Figure 1 Foundation questionnaire

4. Include a copy of your Resume

5. Copies of all aviation and medical certificates, photo ID, and at least three ( 3 ) pages of your pilot logbook, if applicable.

6. Scan and email all documents to Lisa Kienholz at lkienholz@fig1f.com by the specified deadline. The complete application and all related documentation must be scanned in a single multi-page PDF file. Please do not use any file sharing, third party sites.


Scholarship Guidelines

There is no limit to how often a student can be considered for scholarships, so we encourage students to apply every year.

Applicants are not guaranteed a scholarship and the selection process is highly competitive. The Foundation awards scholarships to a select group of highly qualified individuals.

Scholarship winners must agree to the terms outlined in the scholarship acceptance form.