Co-Founders  Chris Olmsted and  AJ Wilder

Co-Founders Chris Olmsted and AJ Wilder


The Figure 1 Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to aviation scholarships. The foundation acts as a conduit between investors and determined individuals pursuing a career in aviation.  We grant the appropriate funding, guidance and access to the highest quality flight training available to people who otherwise may not have the means. Furthermore, the foundation inspires pilots who are already on a career path with advanced flight training scholarships, giving them the experience needed for better job placement.



Educate, enable, and inspire the general aviation community at the grass roots level in a mission to promote change in safety and growth in the aviation industry as a whole.


Everyone can apply for a Figure 1 Scholarship, however, the specific scholarships do have prerequisites:

Fixed Wing Private Pilot License Scholarship: Must be a US Citizen and over the age of fifteen ( 15 )

Tail-wheel Endorsement Scholarship:  Must have a Private Pilot License or higher

Upset Recovery/ Spin Training and Introduction to Aerobatics Scholarship: Must have a Private Pilot License or higher

Aerobatic Judge Certification Scholarship: No prerequisites